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October 8, 2018

Instead of trying to post content here, just check out my posts about the Legion on my Blogger site:  


Legion of the United States

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Modifications to Gettysburg Soldiers for 1794

March 20, 2017

Some random thoughts I came up with using Gettysburg Soldiers for the Fallen Timbers campaign:


1. Terrain Features – Add in OPEN WOODS.
2. Units of Battle – INFANTRY Battalions, CAVALRY squadrons, ARTILLERY sections, and LEADERS
3. INFANTRY Battalion.
4. remove DISMOUNTED
6. no change
7. no change
8. no change
9. no change
10. no change
11. no change
12. no change
13. no change
14. no change
16. no change
17. add open woods (movement is 6 inches)
18. no change
19. Wheeled vehicles may move through open woods.
20. no change
21. add Open Woods 6”
22. Infantry – Ranges are now 6” and 3” (Close Range). Add King’s Howitzers at 24” and 12” (Close Range)
23. INFANTRY MAXIMUM RANGE OF FIRE is 6 inches, and CLOSE RANGE within 3 inches gets increased effectiveness
24. Cavalry may not fire
25. Add KING’S HOWITZERS MAXIMUM RANGE OF FIRE is 24 inches, and CLOSE RANGE within 12” gets increased effectiveness
26. remove cavalry
27. remove cavalry
28. no change
29. no change
30. remove cavalry
31. no change
32. remove cavalry
33. no change
34. Leader instead of General
35. no...


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Pictures from the Wabash 225th Symposium

March 20, 2017

I probably should have posted this one some time ago....


Here are a few pictures from the tour portion of the 225th Battle of the Wabash Symposium, held in Fort Recovery, Ohio.  (the link goes to my Facebook photo album - this hosting site will no longer allow me to add photos to blog posts)  The day was clear and bright, albeit chilly, which made for some great shots.  I have toured this site twice before with guide and Wabash author John Winkler, so I knew what to expect.  The afternoon session was filled with some excellent and not as excellent speakers.  Attendance was probably fifty to sixty folks, mostly old white people (typical for these sorts of events I guess).  I hope that the organizers do this every year, but in chatting with them there is a lot of work that has to happen in order to pull this off, and not a lot of volunteers.  Yes, I did offer to help for future years!


One of the speakers was George Ironstrack, a Myaamia (Miami).  His talks were very informative, covering the Miami perspective (I learned how to pronounce Little Turtle's Indian name properly - I was...


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Wabash Symposium

September 12, 2016

I am very excited that the folks who manage the Fort Recovery State Museum has scheduled a day long symposium and tour for the 225th anniversary of the Battle of the Wabash.  Slated for November 5th, there will be a two hour tour, and about a half dozen speakers.  Limited attendance on this event, so the day after they announced I had my reservation on its way.  Should restoke the fires for gaming the Miami Campaign.

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Back Online!

August 29, 2016

After several months of letting the website go into hiatus (I failed to update my credit card info with the page hosting comany) I finally took a few minutes to make a call, get the billing info updated, which in turn allowed the website to come back into existence.


I also decided to change the theme of the page into a cleaner looking format.  The problem with using this particular page hosting service is that their page templates have limited offerings, and there is no ability to change their pre-selected images.  One day I will move from this page provider to another one, but that will take a little work.


Not a lot on the Miami Campaign gaming front at the moment.  I have created a series of blog posts on my Forage Caps and Shakos blog that cover the Legion, a sort of one stop for those wanting to game the Fallen Timbers Campaign.  I am also in the midst of re-reading Wiley Sword's President Washington's Indian Wars.  I am going to a symposium at Fort Recovery in November that focuses on the Battle of the Wabash which promises to be an excellent day.  These sorts...


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Driving Tour Map

June 1, 2015

Harmar/St. Clair/Wayne Driving Tour

I have been working on developing a driving tour for the 1790s Ohio Indian Wars, and here is my first crack at a list of markers, monuments, museums, forts, battle sites, and other travel type places (dining, etc.) for those wanting to learn a bit more about the Miami Campaign.  If you know of local businesses along the way that are good recommendations to travelers (mostly of the dining variety), please share them with me so I can get them added to the map.  Not only will the eventual tour help bring awarness to thise campaign, but it can also help by bringing in a few more tourism dollars to the locally owned businesses.


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Rules and Other Thoughts

May 9, 2015

For some time now I have been thinking about rules to use for various projects.  Smaller encounters could be gamed with Our Moccasins Trickled Blood as it is set up as a quasi-skirmish set.  At CincyCon this past weekend I picked up Songs of Drums and Tomahawks, which is a one to one scale set of skirmish rules written by fellow HMGS Great Lakes member Mike Demana.  Great production value, well written, and seemingly suitable for small skirmishes, these may be the rules I use for very small encounters.  But for Fallen Timbers, I want something with a tactical feel, and was leaning towards 1776 or The British Are Coming.  These are old school rules, with firing calculated with percentages per figure, which I would modify to something a bit more streamlined.  


I own a couple of copies of Gettysburg Soldiers, a fairly simple set of American Civil War rules that are reminiscent of Fire and Fury, which I happen to use for the Civil War.  In reviewing through the rules, of course some changes would need to be made, such as infantry firing ranges for example, but overall they seem to be a set of...


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FP&BA - Alive & Kickin'

October 29, 2014

I recently placed an order with FP&BA for some additional Wayne's Legion figures, along with more Indians and wagons of various types for my latest wild idea.  Using the prices from the website I mailed my check in late September and about one month later received all my figures.  Alas, although requested, I did not receive an updated product listing, so I am under the assumption that the prices from August 2007 are still valid, including shipping costs.  (these are the products and prices listed on this website)  A month turnaround is about right for FP&BA based on my own and others' shared experiences.  The good news is that they are indeed still in business and filling orders in a fairly timely fashion.  Bear in mind that with FP&BA the owners work full time and FP&BA is a side business for them, which can lead to longer waiting periods.


The wild idea?  After giving all my 28mm Wayne’s Legion figures to my gaming buddy, I decided to go full on with the 20mm FP&BA Legion offerings.  Not only are the figures more correct in dress and accoutrements, they have a bit of an old school style which I...


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Legion Flags/New Pictures!

January 8, 2013

I have decided (a few months ago actually) to sell flags for the Legion of the United States on Wargames Vault.  There are the standard Legion colors as well as camp flags.  Just do a search for Legion Publications and you will see the flags, the Wabash order of battle, the "lite" version of Our Moccasins Trickled Blood, and some other assorted items. 

And, I have added a few shots of painted Frying Pan & Blanket figures to the Photos page.  These are used with the kind and gracious permission of John Goldsworthy from Ontario.  I have linked to his blog on the Related Links page so that you can see more of these little gems and be inspired to buy your own collection of these forgotten figures from the earlier years of miniatures gaming.

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Miami Campaign

December 5, 2011

The United States Army calls the conflicts in the Old Northwest Territory the Miami Campaign.  This campaign includes three expeditions against the Indian tribes north of the Ohio River (Harmar's, St. Clair's, and Wayne's).  In a previous post I have already discussed using the Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated figures for Anthony Wayne's campaign, but those figures are not suitable (based on my research) for Harmar's and St. Clair's.  However, in a brand new release by Osprey Publishing, written by John F. Winkler and titled Wabash 1791: St. Clair's Defeat, the illustrations show headgear that is similar to that worn by Wayne's men (round hats, turned up on the left, with a bear crest and plume).  I am fairly certain that the distinctive headgear used by Wayne's men, in which each sub-legion has a certain combination of color plume, binding, and bear crest, was approved after St. Clair's campaign had concluded.  I say that because St. Clair had but two regiments of regulars, and two of levies, and nowhere have I come across any distinctions for each regiment.

Having said that, one could still, if one believes the illustrations within Wabash 1791 to be correct, use the Wayne's Legion...


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