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The Legion of the United States

12 October 2011

Buried within this website is a page that lists the Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated range for the Legion of the United States, better known to most gamers and historians as Wayne's Legion.  The Legion was a short lived military formation, formed of four sub-legions, each sub-legion having infantry (line, light, and rifle), cavalry (dragoons), and artillery (mostly King's Howitzers and six-pounder cannons).  This was the United States Army from the period 1792-1796.  Having this all arms force allowed flexibility to not only the Legion commander, but also each sub-legion commander as well.  Supplemented by militia and some small groups of Indians, Wayne's force proved to be the salvation the country needed after begin humiliated during both Harmar's and St. Clair's campaigns.  This is not to say that the Legion did not have some setbacks in some smaller engagements leading up to the battles of Fort Recovery and Fallen Timbers, but after spending extensive time training (a luxury that Harmar nor St. Clair had), the Legion was successful in bringing the Ohio Indians to heel, as well as influencing the British to finally give up the forts, located within United States territory, that they controlled since the end of the American Revolution.

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Legion of the United States

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