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Fort Steuben Project Thoughts

8 June 2011

Construction of Fort Steuben started  in 1786 along the Ohio River in what is now Steubenville, Ohio.  One of the earliest posts of the First American Regiment, three companies of that regiment under John Francis Hamtramck built this fort to support and protect the surveyors who were plotting out what would become known as the Seven Ranges.  Fort Steuben was a fairly quiet post, never having been attacked nor used as the base for a major campaign, but it did help provide some protection to the frontier during its short life (it was occupied by the First American Regiment for less than...

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Fort Laurens Project Thoughts

1 June 2011

I recently was able to revisit the site of Fort Laurens during a weekend trip to northeastern Ohio.  I say the site of because Fort Laurens, while Ohio's only American Revolutionary War fortification, is remembered via an Ohio state memorial which consists of a small museum, some interpretive signage, the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution, some picnic sites, and a three mile trail that connects to Zoar Village (another Ohio Historical site).  The Buckeye Trail, the only long trail in the United States that is contained within one state (and goes 1440+ miles) goes along the...


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