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Modifications to Gettysburg Soldiers for 1794

20 March 2017

Some random thoughts I came up with using Gettysburg Soldiers for the Fallen Timbers campaign:


1. Terrain Features – Add in OPEN WOODS.
2. Units of Battle – INFANTRY Battalions, CAVALRY squadrons, ARTILLERY sections, and LEADERS
3. INFANTRY Battalion.
4. remove DISMOUNTED
6. no change
7. no change
8. no change
9. no change
10. no change
11. no change
12. no change
13. no change
14. no change
16. no change
17. add open woods (movement is 6 inches)
18. no change
19. Wheeled vehicles may move through open woods.


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Rules and Other Thoughts

9 May 2015

For some time now I have been thinking about rules to use for various projects.  Smaller encounters could be gamed with Our Moccasins Trickled Blood as it is set up as a quasi-skirmish set.  At CincyCon this past weekend I picked up Songs of Drums and Tomahawks, which is a one to one scale set of skirmish rules written by fellow HMGS Great Lakes member Mike Demana.  Great production value, well written, and seemingly suitable for small skirmishes, these may be the rules I use for very small encounters.  But for Fallen Timbers, I want something with a tactical...


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