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Pictures from the Wabash 225th Symposium

20 March 2017

I probably should have posted this one some time ago....


Here are a few pictures from the tour portion of the 225th Battle of the Wabash Symposium, held in Fort Recovery, Ohio.  (the link goes to my Facebook photo album - this hosting site will no longer allow me to add photos to blog posts)  The day was clear and bright, albeit chilly, which made for some great shots.  I have toured this site twice before with guide and Wabash author John Winkler, so I knew what to expect.  The afternoon session was filled with some excellent and not...


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Wabash Symposium

12 September 2016

I am very excited that the folks who manage the Fort Recovery State Museum has scheduled a day long symposium and tour for the 225th anniversary of the Battle of the Wabash.  Slated for November 5th, there will be a two hour tour, and about a half dozen speakers.  Limited attendance on this event, so the day after they announced I had my reservation on its way.  Should restoke the fires for gaming the Miami Campaign.

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Back Online!

29 August 2016

After several months of letting the website go into hiatus (I failed to update my credit card info with the page hosting comany) I finally took a few minutes to make a call, get the billing info updated, which in turn allowed the website to come back into existence.


I also decided to change the theme of the page into a cleaner looking format.  The problem with using this particular page hosting service is that their page templates have limited offerings, and there is no ability to change their pre-selected images.  One day I will move from this page...


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Miami Campaign

5 December 2011

The United States Army calls the conflicts in the Old Northwest Territory the Miami Campaign.  This campaign includes three expeditions against the Indian tribes north of the Ohio River (Harmar's, St. Clair's, and Wayne's).  In a previous post I have already discussed using the Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated figures for Anthony Wayne's campaign, but those figures are not suitable (based on my research) for Harmar's and St. Clair's.  However, in a brand new release by Osprey Publishing, written by John F. Winkler and titled Wabash 1791: St. Clair's Defeat, the illustrations show headgear that is similar to that...


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