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Back Online!

29 August 2016

After several months of letting the website go into hiatus (I failed to update my credit card info with the page hosting comany) I finally took a few minutes to make a call, get the billing info updated, which in turn allowed the website to come back into existence.


I also decided to change the theme of the page into a cleaner looking format.  The problem with using this particular page hosting service is that their page templates have limited offerings, and there is no ability to change their pre-selected images.  One day I will move from this page provider to another one, but that will take a little work.


Not a lot on the Miami Campaign gaming front at the moment.  I have created a series of blog posts on my Forage Caps and Shakos blog that cover the Legion, a sort of one stop for those wanting to game the Fallen Timbers Campaign.  I am also in the midst of re-reading Wiley Sword's President Washington's Indian Wars.  I am going to a symposium at Fort Recovery in November that focuses on the Battle of the Wabash which promises to be an excellent day.  These sorts of things always seem to stoke my passion for the Miami Campaign, so next week, after returning from a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, I am going to start getting serious about the Frying Pan figures and get them mounted and primed...hopefully!

Tags: fallen timbers, legion of the united states, miami campaign, wabash

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