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Pictures from the Wabash 225th Symposium

20 March 2017

I probably should have posted this one some time ago....


Here are a few pictures from the tour portion of the 225th Battle of the Wabash Symposium, held in Fort Recovery, Ohio.  (the link goes to my Facebook photo album - this hosting site will no longer allow me to add photos to blog posts)  The day was clear and bright, albeit chilly, which made for some great shots.  I have toured this site twice before with guide and Wabash author John Winkler, so I knew what to expect.  The afternoon session was filled with some excellent and not as excellent speakers.  Attendance was probably fifty to sixty folks, mostly old white people (typical for these sorts of events I guess).  I hope that the organizers do this every year, but in chatting with them there is a lot of work that has to happen in order to pull this off, and not a lot of volunteers.  Yes, I did offer to help for future years!


One of the speakers was George Ironstrack, a Myaamia (Miami).  His talks were very informative, covering the Miami perspective (I learned how to pronounce Little Turtle's Indian name properly - I was close before, but the accents are different).  He has an informative blog as well.


There were various displays showing the recent archaelogical studies that were also given out in book form, and yes, I grabbed up one of those.

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