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FP&BA - Alive & Kickin'

29 October 2014

I recently placed an order with FP&BA for some additional Wayne's Legion figures, along with more Indians and wagons of various types for my latest wild idea.  Using the prices from the website I mailed my check in late September and about one month later received all my figures.  Alas, although requested, I did not receive an updated product listing, so I am under the assumption that the prices from August 2007 are still valid, including shipping costs.  (these are the products and prices listed on this website)  A month turnaround is about right for FP&BA based on my own and others' shared experiences.  The good news is that they are indeed still in business and filling orders in a fairly timely fashion.  Bear in mind that with FP&BA the owners work full time and FP&BA is a side business for them, which can lead to longer waiting periods.


The wild idea?  After giving all my 28mm Wayne’s Legion figures to my gaming buddy, I decided to go full on with the 20mm FP&BA Legion offerings.  Not only are the figures more correct in dress and accoutrements, they have a bit of an old school style which I am drawn to, and the cost still cannot be beat.  Instead of trying to pull my gaming buddies into 20mm with me, much like I did when the Old Glory 28mm figures were released, I am going to work on my own project, a little skirmish called Forty Foot Pitch, which took place north of Fort St. Clair (present day Eaton, Ohio) in 1793.  I have yet to settle on how to mount the figures as I believe skirmish gaming doesn't look quite right with multiple figures mounted on one stand, and rules are still a bit of a question as the Our Moccasins Trickled Blood rules are written for more of a battle recreation.  Brother Against Brother might be the answer.  Basically I like rules that are easy to play (ideal for conventions), that have some realism when it comes to weaponry, have some morale and initiative considerations, and gives native warfare its due.  I am looking for suggestions so please comment below.

Tags: brother against brother, forty foot pitch, old glory, our moccasins trickled blood

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Jim Moffet said...

How's the project coming?

Posted 16 March 2015 00:00 | Reply to this comment

Darryl Smith said...

Slooooowly. I have the figures, and can use Blue Moon to supplement what I have (wagons, Legion, and Indians) as they are only a half head shorter than Frying Pan, and match well with heft and equipment size. New blog post coming to update the project!

Posted 9 May 2015 07:37 | Reply to this comment

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