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Rules and Other Thoughts

9 May 2015

For some time now I have been thinking about rules to use for various projects.  Smaller encounters could be gamed with Our Moccasins Trickled Blood as it is set up as a quasi-skirmish set.  At CincyCon this past weekend I picked up Songs of Drums and Tomahawks, which is a one to one scale set of skirmish rules written by fellow HMGS Great Lakes member Mike Demana.  Great production value, well written, and seemingly suitable for small skirmishes, these may be the rules I use for very small encounters.  But for Fallen Timbers, I want something with a tactical feel, and was leaning towards 1776 or The British Are Coming.  These are old school rules, with firing calculated with percentages per figure, which I would modify to something a bit more streamlined.  


I own a couple of copies of Gettysburg Soldiers, a fairly simple set of American Civil War rules that are reminiscent of Fire and Fury, which I happen to use for the Civil War.  In reviewing through the rules, of course some changes would need to be made, such as infantry firing ranges for example, but overall they seem to be a set of rules that are easily learned (ideal for conventions) and that have a good following in the Midwest (meaning that I may have some experienced players as well at conventions).  The rules calculate firing and casualties by stand, which keeps those aspects simple.  One stand is 50 men, one inch is 25 yards.  While the basic unit in the rules is the regiment (infantry and cavalry) and the battery, for the Legion that would drop to the infantry battalion, dragoon squadron, and gun section.


For mounting figures, I have always been a fan of the Koenig Krieg two up and two back system, which has a nice visual impression on the tabletop.  The Gettysburg Soldiers rules allow for a flexible mounting system, and by using a stand width of .75" the ground scale seems to work out very well (if my math is correct, each actual man would take 27", which is pretty close to close order regulations).  For the dragoons, I may go with two figures on one stand, as four dragoons, two up and two back, make for a very deep stand on the tabletop, and while depth is not a huge issue in GS, having a stand that is fifty yards deep (two inches) does not represent dragoon depth very well.


Artillery would move to two guns per stand, as I believe that represents the ground and figure scale more closely.  The Legion had mostly 2.75" King's Howitzers, little pop guns that should be more of a morale nuisance than a casualty inflictor.  They also had a couple of six-pounders, which the GS rules as written should handle nicely.


There may be a few other tweaks that will be needed.  I will work on going through the rules page by page and then summarizing the changes here on a future post.

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