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Back Online!

29 August 2016

After several months of letting the website go into hiatus (I failed to update my credit card info with the page hosting comany) I finally took a few minutes to make a call, get the billing info updated, which in turn allowed the website to come back into existence.


I also decided to change the theme of the page into a cleaner looking format.  The problem with using this particular page hosting service is that their page templates have limited offerings, and there is no ability to change their pre-selected images.  One day I will move from this page...


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The Legion of the United States

12 October 2011

Buried within this website is a page that lists the Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated range for the Legion of the United States, better known to most gamers and historians as Wayne's Legion.  The Legion was a short lived military formation, formed of four sub-legions, each sub-legion having infantry (line, light, and rifle), cavalry (dragoons), and artillery (mostly King's Howitzers and six-pounder cannons).  This was the United States Army from the period 1792-1796.  Having this all arms force allowed flexibility to not only the Legion commander, but also each sub-legion commander as well.  Supplemented by militia and some small groups of...


Tags: fallen timbers, fort recovery, legion of the united states

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